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In the beautiful Twente, around our campsite in Haaksbergen, there are several nature reserves. In the whole area these are best to explore during a cycling or walking route.

  1. Het Buurserzand: alternating open heathland with a.o. drifting sands, fens and forests.
  2. Het Witte Veen: towards the German border. Visit Watermolen de Haarmühle and go through the rough grasslands, pools, heathland and forests with animals such as tree frogs and Scottish Highlanders.
  3. Het Haaksbergerveen: one of the most beautiful upland moor areas in the Netherlands of up to 600 hectares. Boggy upland moors and vast heathlands, interspersed with bushes and lawns.
  4. Landgoed Het Lankheet: situated between two brook valleys. Extensive forests, heathland and the old farmland with ash trees, hedgerows and coppice woods. You will find the Hoonesbos, Assinkbos and Lankheterbos with trees more than 150 years old.
  5. Waterpark Het Lankheet: a large wooded area interspersed with heathland, fens, historic farms, hay meadows and old ash trees on the Buurserbeek. The estate has a history that goes back 800 years, but also gives a view far into the 21st century. Here you can experience how the landscape of the future will occupy an indispensable place in our daily lives.
  6. Groot Brunink: a beautiful estate, in which forests, wooded banks, meadows and arable land alternate.

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